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    Chapwin™ Original Paw Print Set - 4 Prints Included

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    Cherish the memories with your best friend. Guaranteed safe and paw-friendly!

    Create an unforgettable memory by eternalizing your pet's paw on a cute painting. Our new version does NOT require your pet's paw to touch the ink! 

    Use the set for up to 4 individual custom prints.

    How to use:

    1. Peel off the back protective coating
    2. Put the paper on the flat surface, and then place the premium paw printer on top of the paper, with the ink side facing toward the paper
    3. Hold your pup's or kitty's paw on the top of the clean film, and press down the paw with gentle, even force.
    4. Remove the paw printer to review the paw print, please repeat the above steps until satisfied with the paw prints.

    What's in the kit?

    This set includes 1 stamp pad and 2 impression cards. 4 times use maximum. The ink pad works best on all types of dogs & cats. Dermatologically tested ink, consisting exclusively of natural ingredients.

    Ink part measures 3.66''x 2.56'' (9.3cm x 6.5cm). 

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